Richard Ferguson

Richard created CORE Import Group to specialize in producing custom products, direct imports and other unique gifts. He has been working with many of the top tourist attractions, major airport retailers, independent stores and outsourced retailers throughout North America for almost 15 years. He has developed hundreds of items for museums, zoos, aquariums, attractions and cities/locales. Product development, creating completely new items and categories, is his specialty.

Richard is president and owner of CORE, and currently works with museums of all kinds, iconic buildings, accounts with city-skyline needs, and major accounts.

He spent 13 very successful years developing hundreds of items at another importer focusing mainly on imprinted products. At his previous position, he started as a data entry assistant and eventually grew to become the company’s general manager, overseeing the entire staff. He substantially grew his own account base from the smallest to the largest within just a few years. He was responsible for most of the product development in that company and in his last year led an increase in sales of 28% by streamlining processes, new warehouse efficiency, by encouraging open communication and having fun!

Liberto Julianto

Liberto started his career as a Research Technician at Fred Hutch right after he graduated from the University of Washington – Seattle with a B.S. in Biochemistry. He worked there for six years before he took another position at another souvenir importer company. While he is proud of his contribution to the cancer research institute, he decided to pursue a career that is more in line with his passion and his outgoing and approachable personality, a career in the souvenir industry. He believes in making an impact through the memories the souvenir industry provides to each and every person. At his previous position as an Account Manager, he was able to build great rapport with his customers and provide them with the best customer service, as well as products. As a result, he was able to increase his Seattle-based sales to more than triple within one year. At CORE Import Group, Liberto is continuing his passion in making a difference, one souvenir at a time.

Dylan Spencer

After graduating from Western Washington University with a B.S. in International Business and a Minor in Chinese (Mandarin) Language, he began his career in the souvenir business in 2014 and joined CORE Import Group in 2017. Dylan began his career as a data entry assistant and grew to become one of the most successful Account Managers at his previous company. After only 18 months he was trusted with managing several key accounts. He is an expert in product design and development. He is the primary sales specialist responsible for Seattle, Washington State, Train-related attractions, Zoos and Aquariums. Dylan’s outgoing personality and strength in relationship, in addition to his creative and innovative product ideas, makes him a great addition to the CORE team.